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Initiatives already taken

The diocese has a long tradition of training leaders (we call them leaders) and building Small Christian Communities. It follows the pastoral plan for southern Africa "Community Serving Humanity"; it wants to be a community that serves humanity. For example, she tries to react to the bad training situation. This includes programs for personal growth and ripening. Certain talents are promoted and expanded. This can help with the future job search and can also help to fight poverty.

The diocese's educational programs work well through networks. Central events are connected with the local communities and communities and continued there. A system of reports, local population involvement and reports returned has helped develop sustainable services. Most of the educational work is done at local level. It is supported by central and specialized offers. However, the emphasis is on local work to reach as many people as possible.

But some things have to be done better centrally. For example, the “Welfare and Development Committee” from the HIV / AIDS office offers qualified training for the many helpers in this area.

Youth Alive and Education for Life are educational programs sponsored by the Bishops' Conference. They offer skills especially in the fight against HIV / AIDS. Seminars take place in parishes, at diocesan level and in schools to involve as many young people as possible.

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