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goal of the project


The overall goal is to improve the living conditions of the population in the rural diocese of Aliwal, especially children and young people, through social, cultural, educational and religious programs, as well as leisure and sport.

A center is to be built around the former convent on Farm Mount Carmel that is capable of sustainably supporting and achieving this goal.

Areas of action

The current situation affects people's lives in many ways. The lack of opportunities exacerbates widespread poverty. The Mount Carmel project therefore wants:

  • Offering a space for experiences and reflection, especially for young people, for example:

    • Seminars for human and spiritual development

    • Events about culture - towards dynamic identity development

    • Quality sports events with adequate facilities

  • Training in skills that help a professional career:

    • The continuation of the marimba project with emphasis on management for performances

  • Training in justice and peace issues for the whole environment.

  • Further training of adults who are responsible for the education of children and adolescents: teachers, advisory boards, parents, but also students themselves.

  • Development of self-confidence through the acquisition of new skills that can later be used, for example, for small businesses and also in the environmental field.

  • Training especially for leaders in small Christian communities who can make a significant contribution to improving local conditions. They are particularly good at establishing a network that combines central training with local knowledge transfer and implementation.


Youth activities

  • Marimba courses

  • Development of sports skills

  • Holiday camp

  • Youth days with various topics

  • Cultural days

  • Better use of the National “Heritage Day”

  • Days of reflection and retreats

  • Workshops for talents

  • Debates on current and other important issues

  • Choir and music

  • Workshops for professions and vocations and about professions as vocations

  • Training of youth group leaders

    Activities for training staff

  • Training of teachers

  • Training school boards

  • Training of kindergarten teachers

  • Days of reflection

  • Courses for school management teams

    Welfare and development activities

  • Training for HIV / AIDS helpers

  • Contemplation days for helpers

  • Training for helpers

  • World AIDS Day - activities

  • Training of the Welfare and Development Committee

  • Seminars for orphans and vulnerable children

  • Seminars for helpers of orphans and vulnerable children

  • Justice and Peace workshops

  • Camps for orphans and vulnerable children that open up new experiences

  • Pastoral care workshops that involve the communities

  • Training in safe and secure nutrition


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