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Mount Carmel 2017

Children and adolescents

Mt Carmel's goal is to improve children's and youth competencies, to offer them realistic life prospects, to create their own abilities to be sustainable within the given difficult living conditions. To achieve this, the youth center implements projects on "Peer Education and Social Commitment", "Competences and Talent Identification", and also gives them the opportunity to learn how competencies and talents improve each other in their daily lives by improving their self - Appreciation and economic sustainability.

The center further feels responsible for making positive changes for the children who can give them a chance to participate evenly in education and society. Guardians are actively involved and are part of the Mt Carmel target audience.

Mt Carmel can accommodate up to 166 children, teenagers or adults. The center has 98 beds available and uses the hall and 68 additional mattresses to stock accommodation for businesses that cater to an interest in expanded children's and youth events.

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