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Supported a child

The need is great. In one of Aliwal's townships alone, we have 185 AIDS orphans. About 700 children could use Mount Carmel. We mainly target kindergarten children who can alternately spend weeks there.

Supported the school

Promoting training to strengthen confidence and identifying skills and self-sustainability skills and financial system stability of the target audience.
With space for spiritual growth and personal development.
Implementing leadership / peer educational programs that achieve, activate and influence the daily lives of children and adolescents in their home areas.


Implement a landscape program to implement the sustainability strategy by promoting Mt Carmel as a family-friendly environment that can cater for various self-generating projects. Mt Carmel is therefore currently in need to generate funds for the construction and materials of a cafeteria as well as to develop sports, creativity and relaxation areas. The center is also interested in volunteering advice on landscaping opportunities


The Mt Carmel have been made into an environmentally friendly

Center of calm and comfort with facilities for education, social events for children and young adults.


Mt Carmel has been an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) since 2013. It is registered by a board of directors under the advice of the local ordinary of the Bishop of the Diocese of Aliwal North.

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