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goal of the project

The main goal is to improve the living conditions of the population in the rural diocese of Aliwal, especially children and young people, through social, cultural, educational and religious programs, as well as leisure and sport.

A center has been created in and around the former convent on Farm Mount Carmel that is capable of sustainably supporting and achieving this goal.



Future developments

There is still room for future expansion of the project

  • Youth centers are to be set up in the townships. They can offer a challenging place with ideas for the development of talents and school skills. You will network with the center. As a result, young people stay in their environment, but can learn and apply other talents "undisturbed" in the center and then evaluate and refine their application.

  • In cooperation with other providers such as Ikhala College, courses for the acquisition of simple professional skills can be offered.

  • Environmental protection programs are necessary. Exemplary work in this regard will easily be possible on the farm.

  • In the context of HIV / AIDS, training for healthy eating can be carried out very practically.

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