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The diocese of Aliwal North and Bishop Michael Wüstenberg founded the Mt Carmel Youth and Conference Center in 2011 to develop the situation of poor economic and social development and limited prospects for children and young people to achieve equal opportunities.

The former farm buildings have been rebuilt into an environmentally friendly center of calm and comfort with facilities for education, social events and education of young people


Mt Carmel has been an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) since 2013. It is registered by a board of directors under the advice of the local ordinary of the Bishop of the Diocese of Aliwal North.

The center started in 2011 a first project circle of three years and some workshops on life skills training, health and education workshops and to facilitate training for caregivers

and implemented teachers on child protection and the common good.


A South Africa where children and adolescents are a priority and empowered to follow their dreams through individual development buildings and self-confidence no matter how major step as a responsible citizen is guided by Christian values ​​and social engagement.


To provide a family-friendly space that facilitates the development of Christian role models, principles that have achieved the reality of life in children and youth, and social, spiritual and practical skills to improve the capacity of young adults in society. Mt Carmel builds competencies and encourages advocacy through a voice to give youth and an exchange among their peers in South Africa and abroad through networking.

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